Impact of faults on bus stability on an island 330kV mesh network on the Nigerian grid

  • Abel E. Airoboman Nigeria Defence Academy
  • Ayemere P. Oriaifo University of Benin
  • Samuel T. Wara Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti
Keywords: Bus, Fault, Island mesh network, Nigerian grid, Power stability


This study carried out an assessment on the impact of faults on bus stability along the Benin-IkejaWest-Aiyede-Oshogbo-Benin (BIAOB) 330kV island network. The sensitivity of BIAOB as a ring network on the Nigerian grid aroused the interest behind its choice for this study. The network parameters were collated from the National Control Centre, Oshogbo and the network was modeled on the MATLAB 2015 environment using the obtained data. A high reactive power flow was observed in all the buses while the lowest voltage profile was observed on the Line-Line-Line-Ground (L-L-L-G) simulated in bus 1. This is an indication that symmetrical faults have the greatest impact on the network. Further results showed that the BIAOB network has a better voltage profile when compared with other radial network from existing literature. The paper concluded by recommending the closure of more radial network on the grid in order to improve its performance.


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Author Biography

Samuel T. Wara, Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti

Professor of Electrical Engineering/Energy Management Consultant, Department of Electrical and Computer  Engineering, Afe Babalola University, Ado - Ekiti (ABUAD)


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