Microgrid, Its Control and Stability: The State of The Art

  • Alex Aligbe Airforce Institute of Technology, Kaduna
  • Abel E. Airoboman Nigeria Defence Academy
  • Aiyudubie S. Uyi Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna
  • Patience E. Orukpe University of Benin, Benin City
Keywords: Control strategies, Microgrid, Power stability


Some of the challenges facing the power industries globally include power quality and stability, diminishing fossil fuel, climate change amongst others. The use of distributed generators however is growing at a steady pace to address these challenges. When interconnected and integrated with storage devices and controllable load, these generators operate together in a grid, which has its own incidental stability and control issues. The focus of this paper, therefore, is on the review and discussion of the different control approaches and the hierarchical control on microgrid, the current practice in literature with respect to stability and the control techniques deployed for microgrid control; the weakness and strength of the different control strategies was discussed in this work and some of the areas that require further research are highlighted.


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