Evaluation of Aggregate Technical, Commercial and Collection Losses in 11kV Power Distribution Network

  • E. G. Egwunyenga Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Delta State, Nigeria
  • O. C. Iroh Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Delta State, Nigeria
Keywords: Billing efficiency, Collection efficiency, Energy consumption, Losses


The aim of this study is to evaluate the Aggregate Technical, Commercial and Collection (ATC&C) losses in 11kV power distribution network in order to assist the power distribution companies (Discos) to operate efficiently in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI). Monthly and yearly data were obtained based on recording, reading of energy meter and energy consumption (kVA, kWh) from 11kV line at Okpana sub-station in Asaba, Delta State, using Itron ACE pilot version 6.3.0 software to obtained relevant data from Okpana 11 kV feeder and EDMI EziView RAJ 4.40. The data obtained from ATC&C losses are energy delivered, energy received, energy and amount billed and amount or cash collection etc. The billing efficiency, collection efficiency and market efficiency were used to evaluate the power losses parameters from the 11kV power distribution network, resulting to determine the billing efficiency, collection efficiency, and market efficiency. It was observed that bill efficiency value is exponential distributed in nature; this was due to variation in energy delivering to customers. The revenue collection efficiency value has a correlation with ATC&C based on technical losses present in power distribution network. The energy losses resulting to loss in revenue can be reduced by deployment of silver conductor cable for power distribution network.


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