Response characteristics of a negative temperature coefficient thermistor

  • Sunday F. Iyere Ambrose Alli University
  • Bernard O. A. Ozigi Power Equipment & Electrical Machinery Development Institute, Okene
  • Joseph K. Yeboah Ambrose Alli University
Keywords: Resistance, Response curves, Temperature coefficient, Temperature measurement, Thermistor


This article focuses on the thermistor as a device that is widely used for temperature measurement and control in most electrical and electronic devices and appliances. The research is based on the type of thermistor used in photocopiers with particular reference to Minolta Bizhub (model-210) photocopier. The resistance and temperature were recorded by the application of conventional heat to deduce the response curves of resistance versus temperature and resistance/time. Results obtained from the characteristics show that the thermistor employed in the photocopier is a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) device. Also, there was a time variation in the response of the thermistor resistance to temperature changes, which indicates that the thermistor under test functions as a temperature control device. The shape of resistance versus temperature curve appeared to be similar to that of a typical NTC thermistor characteristics.


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Iyere, S. F., Ozigi , B. O. A., & Yeboah , J. K. (2020). Response characteristics of a negative temperature coefficient thermistor. Journal of Electrical, Control and Telecommunication Research, 1, 17 - 22.
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