Analysis of radio frequency spectrum usage using cognitive radio

  • Munirah Shuaibu-Sadiq Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi
  • F. I. Anyasi Ambrose Alli University
Keywords: Cognitive radio, Frequency spectrum, Radio frequency, Signal identification, Spectrum monitoring


This paper presents the analysis of radio frequency (RF) spectrum usage using cognitive radio. The aim was to determine the unused spectrum frequency bands for efficiently utilization. A program was written to reuse a range of vacant frequency with different model element working together to produce a spectrum sensing in MATLAB/Simulink environment. The developed Simulink model was interfaced with a register transfer level - software defined radio, which measures the estimated noise power of the received signal over a given time and bandwidth. The threshold estimation performed generates a 1\0 output for decision and prediction. It was observed that some spectrum, identified as vacant frequency, were underutilized in FM station in Benin City. The result showed that when cognitive radio displays “1” output, which is decision H1, the channel is occupied and cannot be used by the cognitive radio for communication. Conversely, when “0” output (decision H0) is displayed, the channel is unoccupied. There is a gradual decrease in the probability of detection (Pd), when the probability of false alarm (Pfa) is increased from 1% to 5%. In the presence of higher Pfa, the Pd of the receiver maintains a high stability. Hence, the analysis finds the spectrum hole and identifies how it can be reused


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