Implementation of an Internet-linked system for smart control of home appliances based on remote speech interaction via the Google home app

Keywords: Google Home App, Internet of Things, NodeMCU, Sinric Pro, Smartphones


Smartphones have made life easier than it has ever been because they are equipped with a lot of applications and at the same time, compact and pocketable. Several apps are available today for Internet shopping, banking, medical consulting, stock trading, and a range of other tasks. In addition to these applications, smartphones can now be employed to control our home appliances at the touch of a button or the use of voice commands. To further demonstrate the viability of this technology, a remote home control and automation system was designed and implemented. The system was based on a NodeMCU/ESP8266 Internet of Things device, Sinric Pro cloud system, and Remote Speech Interaction via Google Home App. The constructed device was tested and found to be working effectively as three light bulbs representing the home appliances, were remotely switched ON and OFF from Sinric Pro Website and also from a Smartphone via voice command on Google Home App. This device which can be mass-produced locally is hereby recommended to homes in Nigeria as this will make life easier and more comfortable.


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