Emission dispersion modeling and geospatial analysis of vehicular emissions in some parts of Benin City, Nigeria

  • Idowu R. Ilaboya University of Benin
  • E. A. Otuaro Nigeria Maritime University, Okerenkoko
Keywords: Air pollution, Cross validation, Geospatial analysis, Prediction maps, Vehicular emission


Over the years, decline in air quality has been connected to the growing rate of urbanization and increasing number of vehicles on the roads. Most of the pollutants emitted from vehicular activities have been observed to have adverse effects on individuals as well as the atmosphere. Although, the focus of this study is to develop an emission dispersion model to predict the concentration of specific air pollutants with distance, the application of geostatistical technique such as Kriging interpolation to study the spatial distribution of pollutants from vehicular emissions around the study area was also exemplified. Seven (7) georeferenced points, namely, Ugbowo main gate, Ekosodin junction, Agen junction, Super D junction, Nitel junction, Okhunmwun junction and Oluku market junction were used for data collection. Pollutants from vehicular emissions, namely, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO) including the total radiation were monitored in the morning and evening for a period of 35 days (7th July to 12th August 2020) with the aid of portable toxic gas monitors and radiation alert meters. Other parameters of interest, which were also measured include maximum temperature and wind speed using infra-red thermometers and portable anemometer respectively. To ascertain the quality of the data, selected preliminary analysis, namely, test of normality, test of homogeneity, outlier detection and reliability test were done. Result of the study showed a high concentration of NO2, CO and total radiation around Ugbowo main gate and Okhunmwun community and environs especially during the peak hours of evening (5.0 p.m. – 6.0 p.m.) when the traffic load is high.


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